Special Session

Special Session and Tutorials

  1. Grid Interfacing Converter of Renewable Energy Sources
    Renewable Energy Sources are increasingly connected in the grid systems with high power inverters or converters. The grid interfacing inverters/converters are major elements for renewable energy sources with distribution system applications. The effort of the electrical engineering and researchers has led to fast development of different control strategies and also development of a power circuit part. To provide the possibility of renewable energy sources with grid interfacing inverters/converters applications, the special session chair encourages all electrical engineering and researchers working in this field to submit papers to this special section.Guest Chairman invites original manuscripts presenting recent advances in these fields with special reference to the following topics and their implementation:

    • Topology and components of Inverters/Converters: DC-DC, AC-AC, DC-AC, AC-DC, etc.
    • Control strategies for grid interfacing Inverters/Converters.
    • Power Factor Correction, Compensation of reactive power techniques, Elimination of current harmonics, etc.
    • Minimizing the total harmonic distortion for grid interfacing Inverters/Converters.
    • Grid Inverters/Converters for Photovoltaic and wind power systems, etc.

    Session organizer (chair)
    Name : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yuttana Kumsuwan
    Affiliation : Chiang Mai University
    Email : yt@eng.cmu.ac.th

  2. Spintronic and Data Storage Devices
    The field of spintronics and data storage devices seen have many progress in recent year with new concept, new techniques (both in theoretical and experimental), new phenomena and new materials. The scope of this meeting covers broadly electronic transport and micromagnetic phenomena in materials, lead to new concept of the data storage devices. Our goal is to bring together the leading scientists working in the key areas of the field as well as the young researchers and students interested in these areas. The focus is on spintronics devices, data storage devices, quantum/spin transport in nanoscale, micromagnetic and atomistic modeling, spin transfer torque (STT), spin orbit torque, STT-MRAM, SOT-MRAM, heat assisted magnetic recording, microwave assisted magnetic recording, ultra fast spin dynamics, topological insulator based spintronics/data storage devices, and 2D material based spintronics/data storage devices.
    Session Organizer (Chair)
    Name: Dr. Nuttachai Jutong
    Affiliation: Kalasin University
    Email: nuttachai.jutong@gmail.com

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