About iEECON2017

The 2017 International Electrical Engineering Congress (iEECON2017) is a premier international academic conference organized by EEAAT, the Electrical Engineering Academic Association of Thailand. The iEECON2017 will provide a forum for researchers, engineers, and industry experts to discuss recent development, new ideas, and breakthroughs in Electrical Engineering technologies. The iEECON2017 will be held in Pattaya, Thailand .

iEECON2017 consists of five international conferences as follows :

Power & Energy
Smart grid Technology, Planning, Management Operation and Control, Electrical Power Systems, Generation transmission and Distribution, Electrical Machines, Energy Conversions, Renewable Energy Sources, Power Electronics, Energy Systems, Power Quality, High Voltage Engineering, Insulation and Materials, and etc.

Communication Theory, Antennas and Propagation, Optical Communications, Signal Processing for Communications, Channel Coding, Multimedia Communications, Remote Sensing and Applications, Metamaterials, and etc.

Electronics & Control
Analog Circuits, Filters and Data Conversion, Analog and Mixed Signal Processing, Embedded Computer System, Robotics, VLSI Design, Biomedical Electronics, Industrial Electronics and Automation, Adaptive Control, Electric Circuit Technology, Fault Tolerance and Detection, Semiconductor Materials, Magnetic Materials, and etc.

Digital Signal Processing
Image and Video Processing, Audio and Speech Processing, Pattern Recognition, Biomedical Signal Processing, Computer Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition, Adaptive Signal Processing, Machine Learning for Signal Processing, and etc.

Computer & IT
Computer Networks, Cloud Communication and Networking, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Theory, Information System, High Performance Computing, Computer Security, Software Engineering, Distributed and Parallel Computing, Web Services and Internet Computing, Multi-agent Systems, Human Computer Interactions, and etc.